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Perform at national and International level competitions, popular reality shows, and even in small/Big screen productions

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Whether you are a skilled dancer or can’t go 5 steps without falling down, whether you’re a seasoned bodybuilder or have a pot belly that needs to shrink fast, whether you’re an aspiring champion or someone who wants to perform for better self-esteem, through our combination of formidable trainers, inspiring studios, innovative programs and a true MJK community feeling you are well underway in achieving your goals.

Dr. Mayur Jitsingh, the founder/director of the academy, was introduced to Martial Arts at the age of 13. By the age of 16 he was already winning regional titles and represented India at an international level winning numerous gold, silver, and bronze medals for the country.

Dance comes just as naturally to Dr. Mayur as breathing is to everyone else. His ability to visualize unique steps has fondly been termed as the ‘MJK Style’, with students seen sporting this MJK style in popular dance shows such as India’s Got Talent among many more.

“I believe anything may be achieved through hard work, dedication, and self-discipline.”

If you ask any student to describe the academy in one word, 8 out of 10 would say ‘disciplined’. Smiles and laughter are abundant at the academy but once the session begins you can only hear Dr. Mayur’s commanding voice firing instructions, rep numbers, steps, and knowledgeable information. You are kept on your toes in this academy, but you can feel it when you leave through a whole lot of calories burnt and an undeniable burst of energy.

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Obtain certifications for various courses, with a structured progression.


Seize the opportunity to perform with us at popular television shows and stage performances.

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Participate in various national and international competitions, with our students winning gold, silver, and bronze for our country.

We never push or Force, We Only Inspire You To

go beyond your limits

Our Students Believe in Us

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Expert Trainers

Mayur Jitsingh

Fitness Guru
Founder/Director MJK AOPA

Sejal Phatke

Head Dance Instructor
& Choreographer

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    All You Need To Know

    frequently asked questions

    We offer a wide range of programs in Dance, Martial Arts, and free-hand Fitness Workout.

    Anyone from the age of two and a half years (2.5 years) onward are welcome at the academy.

    Yes, for all programs we offer one trial class.

    For dance, the academy organizes two production-level dance shows every 6 months. These shows are a formidable platform for students to showcase their progress and skills.


    For martial arts, each year the academy organizes multiple national-level and international-level tournaments, belt tests, and karate camps.


    And for fitness lovers, we conduct our renowned ‘Body Transformation Challenge’ once every year.

    Our recommendation is from two and a half years onward (2.5 years). Our experience has shown that it is from this age onward that children develop good flexibility which would help either program they join.

    You may register right here, using the inquiry form above.


    Or call us at +91-9730018299 and one of our support staff will help you get yourself registered.

    We most certainly do!


    We have both monthly and yearly packages, as well as group discounts.


    If you have a sibling joining too, you’ll get a sibling discount!


    There are other discounts as well, call us know more.

    Yes, we do provide for personalized training and your own nutrition coach.


    We request you to get in touch with us using the contact form above and we will structure a regimen for you and assign you a personal coach/trainer.